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Listening is an essential skill that should be learnt by the students, including students in English education program of STKIP Siliwangi Bandung. Many factors can influence the successful of the students’ learning. As a media, course book takes an essential role for facilitating the students’ activities during learning listening. This study investigates the suitable kinds or criteria which should be best for supporting the students’ learning listening. Beside, this study intends to focus on developing material development guideline for listening for general communication which suitable for the students in STKIP Siliwangi Bandung. The research is undertaken by Education R & D (Borg and Gall, 1983). This kind of method covers four major steps; they are introduction (existing condition and needs analysis), product development, testing, and dissemination. the result of the research revealed that there are five aspects in listening which are needed to be attached in listening for general communication materials; they are recognizing the distinctive sounds, understanding the meaning, responding the communication function, situations, participants, and goals, inferencing literal and implied meaning, new information, given information, main ideas and supporting ideas, and the last is guessing the words, cohesive devices, and grammatical word classes.

Key words: listening, material development, educational R & D

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